Authentic Morocco

19 days (price upon request)

This Atlas large crossing is a must for trekkers around the world. Our experience in Morocco allow you to achieve it peacefully, solely focused on your good feeling of walking, freedom, fullness in the effort, framed by Berber Expeditions professionals.
We begin our trek through the valley of Aït Bougmez in the Central High Atlas and finish it at the roof of North Africa, the Toubkal, in the Western High Atlas. Throughout our journey, there are contrasted reliefs with vast gorges, towering peaks over 4000 m, but also lush altitude plateaus and "happy" valleys, where many villages are nesting. We follow the ancestral mule tracks and we meet everywhere the same Berber hospitality. A fantastic trek for true fans!

Day 1 : Marrakech – Central High Atlas - Aït Bougmez Valley (1800 m) – Arous source (2300 m)

Transportation: minibus - 3 h walking - accomodation: bivouac - climb + 500
Transfer in minibus to the valley of Aït Bougmez through Azilal and the valley of Ait Abasse. We have lunch on the way or in the valley depending on our arrival time. Meeting with our muleteer’s team and start hiking from Assif Arous. We go up the valley and the Arous gorges to reach the plateau Ikkis. Overnight camping at sources of Arous.

Day 2 : Arous sources – Tizi N’Aghouri (3400 m) –Tarkeddit plateau (2900 m)

5 h walking - Basement in bivouac- climb + 1000, descent - 500
We follow the path on the left side of the Ikkis. Once on the ridge, we have a remarkable view of the vast North Slope M'Goun. We set up our basement on the beautiful shaved lawns of Tarkeddit plateau. It is a beautiful grassy plateau facing a part of the chain of M'Goun. A river winds through and, according season, herds graze abundant green grass.

Day 3 : M’Goun ascent (4068 m)

8 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb + 1168, descent - 1168
This is a great day! Throughout the climb, we have a view of our goal. We climb the ridge to the summit. The ascent is not technically difficult but long and gradual. After our early wake up, we take between 4 and 5 hours to reach the second highest peak in Morocco and North Africa. We are rewarded with a beautiful view (by clear weather) at the top of Jbel Saghro, the Saharan expanses in the south and the Atlas chain. Those who do not wish to make this ascent will have the opportunity to take a walk around the basement on the plateau.

Day 4 : Tarkeddit plateau (2900 m) - Tizi N'Asdram (3200 m) - Assif Tessaoute (2500 m)

Basement in bivouac- climb + 300, descent - 700
We begin our day trek by grazing and sheepfolds trays before mounting the mountain pass of Asdram. Passage of Tizi Asdram, with a beautiful view over part of the Tessaoute valley and the top of jbel Rhat. We go down to the Assif Tessaoute to bivouac at the entrance of the gorge.

Day 5 : Day in Tessaoute valley until Aït Ali N'Itto

6 to 7 h walking – Basement in cottage - descent - 675
We spend our day hiking at the descent of the gorges and valley following the Assif Tessaoute. Sometimes on the embankment of the river, sometimes on the track at the cliffs, we walk from village to village in this fertile valley : Amzri, Ichbbakan, Aït Hamza open their doors.

Day 6 : Megdaz - Tizi N'Awrghiz (2450m) - Tagoukht (2020 m) - Azib Taoudja (2450 m)

5 to 6 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb + 1060, descent -435
Our first part of hiking brings us to the beautiful village of Megdaz. We visit the collective attic of the village, what will be a welcome opportunity to drink tea at Lahcen. Then we go up the Tizi N’Awrghiz from above, these are the High Atlas mountains to the horizon dotted with small grassy plateaus, beautiful. We reach the sheepfolds and the village of Tagoukht then we cross the forest of Tifadzine before installing our camp near sheepfolds of Taouadja.

Day 7 : Azib Taoudja- Tamda lake (2665 m)

5 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +790, descent - 195
We walk beneath the foothills of jbel Anghomar (3608 m) to reach the magnificent canyon surrounding the glacial lake of Tamda. In the morning we go by the Tizi N'Fedghat, the slopes are gentle and the peaks of the arid High Atlas mountains stretch of sight. We go through the pretty sources of Tamzrit N’Iguernane with its pasture trays before climbing Tizi N'Timililt, our last stop before the lakes of Tamda.

Day 8 : Tamda lake - Tighza (1900 m)- Ounila valley

5 h walking – Basement in cottage – descent -765
Quiet day to go down to the Assif Ounila and discover our cottage and its surroundings, in an earthen universe even more red, contrasting with the bright green of the cultivated fields. Night in cottage at Tighza. We cross the beautiful plateau of Anefregal before entering the gorges of Assif Ounila that leads us to the village of Red Tighza.

Day 9 : Tighza - Telouet (1800 m)

5 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb + 350, descent -100
We find the high valley of Assif Ounila with its cultures and almond trees. We then join a small and desert plateau at 2000 m to join the village of Telouet in the afternoon. We set up our camp near the famous kasbah of Glaoui.

Day 10 : Telouet - Adrar Mahboub (2790 m) - Azib tazoult (2150 m)

6 to 7 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +990, descent - 640
We cross several villages before crossing the mountain pass of the Adrar Mahboub, large passage of nomads since immemorial time. Descent to the sheepfolds of Tazoult ... Fantastic panorama on the beginning of the Western High Atlas. Bivouac near the village.

Day 11 : Western High Atlas - Azib Tazoult- Afra (1900 m)- Azgour valley (1230 m)
6 to 7 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +175, descent -1000
We drive along the valley of Afra before reaching the village of Azgour after cutting the road at the Tichka mountain pass, which separates the High Atlas from the Central High Atlas. We are now at the heart of Zat Valley. Bivouac near Azgour, up surrounded by oleander (flowering in May-June).

Day 12 : Azgour - Amdouz (2300 m)
6 to 7 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb + 1175
We go by juniper and pine forest until transhumance tray of Yagour. On the way, we will have the chance to discover the most beautiful rock carvings in the area. Bivouac near the sheepfolds of Amdouz.

Day 13 : Amdouz- Ourika valley - Séti Fatma- Agadir N'Aït Boulmane (1400 m)
5 to 6 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +200, descent - 900
We cross the vast plateau of Yagour, passing by many sheepfolds. The rocky landscape on the plateau turns into forests and fields of fruit trees. Bivouac near the village of Agadir n’Aït Boulmane.

Day 14 - Asaka (1980 m)- Amenzal (2430 m) - Azib Boukchoud (2550 m)
5 to 6 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb + 800, descent -200
We climb to the village of Amenzal, perched mountainside and continue our journey along a path overlooking the Assif n’Oufra. The landscape is beautiful. Below, the villagers are busy around the walnuts or in distributed fields on both sides of the river. We set up our camp in the late afternoon and we see the return of the shepherds and their flocks.

Day 15 : Boukchoud (2550 m) -Azib el Tinzar (2450 m) - Assif N'Ouraï (2950 m)
5 to 6 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +1200, descent - 800
We climb the Tizi Oumchichka (3085 m) and continue our road in this pastoral universe. Herds of goats and sheep are present all around us and the songs of the shepherds sometimes rise from the mountain. Then we climb to the Tinzar mountain pass (3100m) and then we descend to spend the night on the banks of the Assif n’Ouraï (2950m).

Day 16 : Assif N'Ouraï (2950 m)- Tizi N'Ouraï (3130 m)- Amsouzart (1750 m)- Ifni lake (2300 m)
8 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +950, descent - 1600
After crossing the Ouraï mountain pass (3130m) and having admired the view of the Toubkal, we descend towards the beautiful scenery of the valley of Assif Tizgui, Tisselday village and discover the Amsouzart Valley, its many walnut trees that shade the plots of cultivated land and its beautiful village (1750m). After our lunch, we head to Lake Ifni (2300m) through the village of Imhilene (1850m). Going up the valley, we cross a moraine cooler to find ourselves in front of the turquoise waters of this beautiful lake in altitude. Installing the bivouac near the lake.

Day 17 : Ifni lake (2300 m)- Tizi N'Ouanoums (3680 m)- bivouac Neltner (3200 m)
5 to 6 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +1400, descent -500
Early morning we leave to the assault of the Ouanoums mountain pass, perched at 3680 m altitude. The climb is a bit steep at times but once on top, the panorama that awaits us makes us forget all the efforts. Then, descent to the refuge Neltner. In front of us, we see the path to the summit of Toubkal.

Day 18 : climbing the highest peak in North Africa: Toubkal (4167 m)- Aremd
8 h walking – Basement in bivouac- climb +950, descent -2270
Early departure (between 5 am and 5:30) for the ascent of Toubkal at 4167 m. This is the highest peak of Morocco and North Africa. It is also an opportunity for you to perhaps make your first 4000 easily. From the top, we overlook much of the Atlas, the plain and the desert are guessed on the horizon. This summit gives us a breathtaking view of the massive Siroua and the valley of Imlil. (Optional Ascension). In the afternoon, descent to the village of Aremd.

Day 19 : return to Marrakech
Short walk to the village of Imlil, then transfer to Marrakech. Installation at the hotel and free afternoon for a well deserved rest at the edge of the pool.


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